Salary Range Current Minimum Wage (Start) - $24/hr (Max)

Position Mission As part of the kitchen line, you are responsible for preparing and plating all food for the
customers. You are responsible for keeping a neat and clean area, working cooperatively
with kitchen staff, and supporting the enjoyable and satisfying guest experience.

Position Objectives and Expectations
• Follow recipes and prepare hot / cold food to order
• Follow plating guide and proper portioning
• Prep food and practice proper food rotation and sanitation practices
• Know and obey all food requirements of Health Code
• Wash hands frequently and maintain a clean apron
• Organize and re-stock dry storage and walk in cooler with food products
• Pay attention to pars and communicate with Kitchen Manager about any kitchen needs
• Deliver food to guest tables when necessary
• Follow and complete checklist every shift
• Work quickly and efficiently, following all safety procedures
• Maintain cleanliness and restaurant appearance standards; including, but not limited to keep kitchen clean, sweep floors; take out trash, compost, and recycling keeping them separate and organized
• Follow and uphold all company policies per employment handbook

Personal Success Characteristics
• Commitment to exceptional customer service
• Ability to embrace and support a team spirit of working as a group toward a
common goal
• Ability to move quickly and efficiently in a fast-paced environment

Previous Experience Requirements
• ServSafe Food Handler Certificate
• Hat or hairnet is required

Reports To Store Management

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